Friday, October 5, 2012


Invitation to Edmodo - Hello Literacy Group

For those of you who are on Edmodo, or those of you not on Edmodo who want to join (it's free to join)...I have created a class group for the the students in my room this year. Within Edmodo, there are Groups and Communities. Groups are by invitation, for teachers and students whom you know or have a common interest and Communities are Edmodo members-at-large that have the Community interest in common but otherwise don't know each other.
Now you the parent has a chance to join and watch your children's creations and progress of technology/core projects throughout the year. 

The website for Edmodo is:
Once there click on "I am a Parent"  You will be asked to fill out a little bit of basic information that is private and I can not view. This includes the group code.  Each student has a seperate code from one another: Enter in the code that I gave your child. It is on a a label in their assignment book. 
Then, you're in and we're "connected"....see you there! If you're not sure about it, there is an introduction video at the Edmodo homepage that you can watch a very abbreviated nutshell, it's like Facebook (sort of) for education members, mostly teachers and students, but parents can join too, just to see their "own" child's activity, but cannot view the activity of anyone else besides their own child. 
Hope to see you on there!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spelling Apps



VocabularySpellingCity now has a new IPad,IPhone, iPod Touch App. This is great way for your child to practice their spelling words weekly in a fun format. Student login information once signed up will allow them access to all spelling and Vocabulary lists that I post. They like to play games such as Hangmouse, Match-it, and WhichWord.Click here to find out more impnformation on this new App. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Key to a great relationship is communication! Every year our principal asks us for a couple goals we have for the new year.  Mine is always open, honest, respectful communication with the parents.  When I found these ideas on pintrest I was SOOOO excited to give them a try.  These posters were hanging up outside in the hall on Open House Night, and I will post them Tuesday at our Parent information night but here they are once again for those parents who are already following our class blog!  Hope to see ALL of you Tuesday night!  This teacher is VERY nervous about talking in front of all the parents!

Sometimes I may forget to put something in the newsletter so this will be very handy to text all the parents at once.  It works exactly like the bluejay texts you sign up for when we have calendar changes, early starts, snow days, etc!
This QR code requires a QR App from your IPad or Smartphone.  You can get great Free APPS just like me, PLUS they are super handy for magazines, grocery labels, clothing magazines and MUCH more!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School!!

 The time has finally come! Folks I'm shouting from the roof tops.  This year has got me so excited.  I have a great group of students (I always do) but this group is what I'm going to call the "2nd round" meaning most of my kids are siblings of students I had roughly 4 years ago!  I feel lucky to have those parents as I feel they were very supportive before and will be again.  PLUS and handful of NEW families that I am blessed to meet and get to know! So without further ado I'd like to present the snapshoot of my classroom this school year for Open House night and beyond!
Welcome 4th GRADERS!!
Thank you Pintrest for this AMAZING idea!
Open House info/ Parent Night Flyer!

Classroom Library
Thanks parents for signing up!
Going to give Guided Reading a try, (I think?)

Back divider, can't wait to fill in Facebook with pictures of us!
And my desk that will NEVER be CLEAN again!

This year I am also excited to share the new ways I have set up communication in the room, all inspired by you much smarter than me bloggers and pinners out there!!  Our class QR code will lead you directly to this website for updates of classroom happenings AND Remind 101. This is a texting link that you can sign up for FOR FREE. If you do your regular text message fees WILL apply but in case I need to communicate a mass reminder like TEST or something I can send it to you all at one time! I hope you take a minute to check both of these things out!

ok..... so technology is great when it works I will repost tomorrow the QR code and Message info... they don't want to work tonight!

Welcome to the students and Parents to 4th Grade!! I hope to have a great year! See you at 4th Parent night on Tuesday!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip Day!

The dreaded, I mean BEST day of the year has come and gone.  We loaded the bus at 8:30 this morning northbound for Kearney, NE.  Destination??? Great Platte River Road Archway!!!  Whoop! Whoop!

"The Great Platte River Road Archway pays tribute to the enduring spirit of the pioneers. During their trek across America, they encountered Native American tribes; trappers and traders making their way to annual rendezvous; stagecoach drivers and their passengers; pony express riders; and the telegraph. As the early settlers established their homesteads, they witnessed the birth of the railroads, the Lincoln Highway, America’s first transcontinental road; I-80, the nation’s first interstate; and America’s Information Highway, the fiber optic cable that today links a nation. " 

If you want to learn more visit their website: 

Every year WITHOUT fail, we come up on this massive monument and SOMEONE ALWAYS says, " Are we going to DRIVE THROUGH THAT??!!"  --- to which my answer is... "uhm, NO!!"  (if only you could see the face with that)

So I noticed a few scared looks on their faces as they approached the escalator.  I decided to take a quick poll, 8/20 kids had never been on an escalator before!!! SHOCKING TO ME??  Oh the way they creep up their and lightly tip-toed on :)  So young!! 

RUN!!! They are coming for you!!!

The Morman Trail

Yes, she made it ALL the WAY to YELLOWSTONE!!
Finally as a last activity we have the kids take part in and Educational program put on by real historians dressed in the full GARB!!  For the second year we chose for them the Ponca Earth Lodge built by real Ponca Indians from Oklahoma and the Dakota's.  Amazing to see the work that goes into such a place.  The first picture is not mine but comes from the archway website..
Pawnee/Arikara earth lodge

It was a great day with a great group of kids!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

States of Matter

 I have to say that states of matter are not a forte of mine when it comes to science however we did have fun with this little number.  The students had to investigate water, milk, vegetable oil, and food coloring mixtures.  They had a great time and more than one AHA moment for them.  Here are some exciting clips. 
Watching the food coloring as it floats down past the oil before spreading out in the water/milk.

Drawing and making observations of our investigation

Martin Luther King Day

For Martin Luther King Day we did a variety of short lessons. We started of with a civil rights spelling packet using upper level words and doing spelling pyramids, alphabetical order, and dictionary guide word work to name a few skills.  In Reading we read My Brother Martin from our Reading Street series.  Also to practice fluency I typed up the most recognizable part of "I Have a Dream" speech.  They used this to graph their cold reads and mark improvement as the week progressed.  Then from a fellow blogger I saw this great Math Glyph about Dr. King.  We had a HOOT making this.  Here are a few pictures of how they turned out along with way we can make the world a better place.

I can make the world a better place by picking up trash when people throw thair trash on the ground. 

I can make the world a better place by not using violents but using words, and to love and car about others.