Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas has begun to shower in our room! Check out these awesome crafts we spent the afternoon making! I REALLY thought the pinwheel looking ornaments were going to be a disaster because sometimes my kids struggle with following directions, but when it's come to crafting they were ALL ears! Hope all future projects go this smoothly!
Another pinterest inspiration.

Pinterest inspired :) 
So much fun to watch them decorate :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Turkey's

Just a reply to the earlier posts!  I had some AMAZING entries this year! Thanks to you creative parents and students who made time to work on this TOGETHER!!

And the top  winners are:.........
1st Place: K-STATE :)
2nd Place:  Hawiian Girl
Tie for 3rd:
Farmer, and Bluejay

Monday, November 28, 2011

Literature Circles

 So I love to do literature circles.  I'm nearly the only one in my building so we start from scratch.  The one good thing about that is there is no where to go but UP, right!!  This class amazes me.  They have worked their tails off this year, and I don't know if they just like to "suck up" a little or what, BUT  they seem sooo excited and really get into discussing the book and their roles.  It's hard to get them to understand that reading has a purpose but I model for them how I still as I read make notes in margins about things I find in the stories I read.   I always pass out my copy in the beginning and the lucky student who gets it is always like "YES, I won the jackpot!!" Thinking they won't have to do the work.  I take the book away eventually giving them a clean copy but it's my teach-to moment of how reading is a life-long skill, yadii-yadii!!! 

This year I have decided to add a project to the end of the literature circle to wrap up their understanding, and a fun way to review the stories read.  I am so pleased with their final projects that I wanted to share with you how they turned out!

Sweet little thing, loves to scrapbook
so when she found out that was 1 option
she jumped on it!!

Indian Monopoly, funnies game ever 
Jamie landed on "jump on
1 leg, and hold your nose & ear"
Good Game Friends!!

Surprise game prizes.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Family turkey projects

       I have fallen behind on grading this weekend! But instead of worrying, I took a much needed break and went out last night with some girls from work! I love that we have more than just working relationships in our building! 
     But on to this months main craft project. I started two years ago by sending home a family turkey project with instructions that are simply. With your family and any medium you chose decorate your turkey outline to represent you and your family. Boy I love to see the creativity start to come through! We then hang them in the hall and have the other 4, 5, 6 classes vote on a winner. I am sending this home this week so they will be done in time for thanksgiving break. I have an amazingly artful class this year so I'm excited to see what comes of them! Here are some pictures of previous years "family turkey"projects. 
This girl is obsessed with PINK! I know
for a FACT she re-did her bedroom this summer
with these colors :)
Yes, you'll never guess CAMO!!

Can't be for sure of why he chose a scottish theme, BUT super cute don't you think?

I started doing this because I remember the excitement I had as a 4th grader doing it with my now mentor teacher Mrs. Thalheim! Yes, she is still teaching and it's sooo fun to work with her :)  It was such a big thing that I remember planning my turkey design for a WHOLE YEAR!! I started in 3rd grade. I was in the room across the hall and we got to go vote on her class.  My turkey the next year got 3rd place I glued blue sequence ALL over that blasted turkey!! HAHA!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've just finished my 3rd day of 6 hours of training.  I hate prepping for a Sub and I find that I miss my classroom kiddo's so much.   In fact when we got out early today I had to rush to see them before they were dismissed.  I missed bus kids (BOO!!) but got to see the walkers.  Much to my surprise on my desk was a TROPHY!! Yes Mrs. Fahrenbruch's class won the trophy dash race for Multiplication this week. (Folks no lie, it has been 2 years!!!! Since my kids won that thing, my kids really struggle learning their math facts)  If any of you teacher's out their have any helpful hints... throw them my way.

Anyway MTSS training. What a long day. This "system of supports" is suppose to help create a learning environment meant to explicitly teach missing reading skills that students haven't mastered and enrich those who Core Reading is working.  After thinking long and hard about the presenters information today, I can't stop wondering what are some great ways to enrich with Vocabulary.  If kids don't have vocabulary they can't use context clues to help them.  She says that  the average student should learn 1000 WORDS in a year.  Well I know I can't teach that many but I definitely need to beef up the vocabulary skills taught to these kids.   I thought of myself as a fairly decent teacher but I'm finding that I lack in a variety of areas.  I'm hoping MTSS helps me to continue to grow as an educator and do what's best for my kids.

If any of you out their have had experiences that you can share, please let me know.

I have found one of my new favorite fluency books is called Six Minute Solutions.  The kids love the "competition" it creates for reading fluently and accurately.  Anything to get them excited about reading.  Another amazing website that has helped guide some instruction this year is This site has got skills broken down across the Phonemic Awareness/ Phonics continuum... Wahoo, I love these two resources right now!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween craft

Another easy, easy craft that the kids just ATE UP  was this accordion style pumpkin.  Cut from various sized paper strips, these pumpkins add a nice touch to our clips which hang from the ceiling!  

Halloween craft

The kids were super busy last week making stained glass candy corn... We had SO much fun and they look mighty nice on the window.  I found this craft at a website that I can't remember the name of now. Later I found out one of the blogs I LOVE so much did the same thing. did the same thing with her 1st graders.  I was very thankful that my 4th graders didn't think it was too childish to do. I think they enjoyed the craft.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My favorite things

By now the kids are getting to know me for better and worse :) But for you parents out there here is just a minute snipet of things about me!! I am looking forward to getting to know each of your kids as the year continues. I'm so lucky to have them in my life and thank you for the chance to teach them!

Monday, September 12, 2011


The Little Red Hen Project 2011
"Who will help me grind the Flour?"
"Who will help me bake the Bread?"
"Who will help me Eat the Bread?"
--sponsored by Norton County Farm Bureau Assoc. 

1. Eisenhower students recorded weekly moisture.
2. Hail damage on the wheat plot 23.5% loss
3. Students, Teachers community members harvest wheat crops by hand and     enjoyed an old fashioned "Cream Can Lunch"" 
Wheat data after threshing
- test weight 57.4 lb./bu
-moisture test 10.4%
- protein 11.4%
-Actual Yield: 8.43 lbs. 
-Yield: 10.7 bu/acre
Checking the soil clods
A presentation of all the products that wheat can make. Particularly some yummy snacks
Plows the soil to prepare it for another plot. 

  Thanks Patsy for your hard work and sharing this information with us! What kinds of products do you eat in your home that are made of wheat? 
Be sure to thank a farmer for providing the food you eat each day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hollywood Stars

So I stumbled upon this summer while preparing my classroom for a Hollywood theme.  These teachers do amazing work and I'm so appreciative of their documents. They are reasonably priced and it's a simple process to purchase there material. The following are a few pictures from my room thanks to their ideas and material.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I want to welcome you to the life inside my classroom.  This site was dedicated to the parents of the students in my room.  I hope to keep things updated on here for you as the year goes along.  I thought it would be neat to let kids do some guests posts as Journaling work so that parents may enjoy viewing their kids' work.  I don't know much about blogging to be perfectly honest but I'll learn as I go.  I really got inspired recently after looking through other teacher blogs like I hope you enjoy your time looking though here!