Monday, September 12, 2011


The Little Red Hen Project 2011
"Who will help me grind the Flour?"
"Who will help me bake the Bread?"
"Who will help me Eat the Bread?"
--sponsored by Norton County Farm Bureau Assoc. 

1. Eisenhower students recorded weekly moisture.
2. Hail damage on the wheat plot 23.5% loss
3. Students, Teachers community members harvest wheat crops by hand and     enjoyed an old fashioned "Cream Can Lunch"" 
Wheat data after threshing
- test weight 57.4 lb./bu
-moisture test 10.4%
- protein 11.4%
-Actual Yield: 8.43 lbs. 
-Yield: 10.7 bu/acre
Checking the soil clods
A presentation of all the products that wheat can make. Particularly some yummy snacks
Plows the soil to prepare it for another plot. 

  Thanks Patsy for your hard work and sharing this information with us! What kinds of products do you eat in your home that are made of wheat? 
Be sure to thank a farmer for providing the food you eat each day.

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