Monday, November 7, 2011

Family turkey projects

       I have fallen behind on grading this weekend! But instead of worrying, I took a much needed break and went out last night with some girls from work! I love that we have more than just working relationships in our building! 
     But on to this months main craft project. I started two years ago by sending home a family turkey project with instructions that are simply. With your family and any medium you chose decorate your turkey outline to represent you and your family. Boy I love to see the creativity start to come through! We then hang them in the hall and have the other 4, 5, 6 classes vote on a winner. I am sending this home this week so they will be done in time for thanksgiving break. I have an amazingly artful class this year so I'm excited to see what comes of them! Here are some pictures of previous years "family turkey"projects. 
This girl is obsessed with PINK! I know
for a FACT she re-did her bedroom this summer
with these colors :)
Yes, you'll never guess CAMO!!

Can't be for sure of why he chose a scottish theme, BUT super cute don't you think?

I started doing this because I remember the excitement I had as a 4th grader doing it with my now mentor teacher Mrs. Thalheim! Yes, she is still teaching and it's sooo fun to work with her :)  It was such a big thing that I remember planning my turkey design for a WHOLE YEAR!! I started in 3rd grade. I was in the room across the hall and we got to go vote on her class.  My turkey the next year got 3rd place I glued blue sequence ALL over that blasted turkey!! HAHA!

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