Monday, November 28, 2011

Literature Circles

 So I love to do literature circles.  I'm nearly the only one in my building so we start from scratch.  The one good thing about that is there is no where to go but UP, right!!  This class amazes me.  They have worked their tails off this year, and I don't know if they just like to "suck up" a little or what, BUT  they seem sooo excited and really get into discussing the book and their roles.  It's hard to get them to understand that reading has a purpose but I model for them how I still as I read make notes in margins about things I find in the stories I read.   I always pass out my copy in the beginning and the lucky student who gets it is always like "YES, I won the jackpot!!" Thinking they won't have to do the work.  I take the book away eventually giving them a clean copy but it's my teach-to moment of how reading is a life-long skill, yadii-yadii!!! 

This year I have decided to add a project to the end of the literature circle to wrap up their understanding, and a fun way to review the stories read.  I am so pleased with their final projects that I wanted to share with you how they turned out!

Sweet little thing, loves to scrapbook
so when she found out that was 1 option
she jumped on it!!

Indian Monopoly, funnies game ever 
Jamie landed on "jump on
1 leg, and hold your nose & ear"
Good Game Friends!!

Surprise game prizes.

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