Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm so excited about the Cotton Bowl tonight!  As a proud Alum of the great Kansas State University I decided to wear my purple pride on Friday rather than the traditional Blue and Gold for our HS game tonight!!  
Most years my class is splattered with Nebraska fans or KU fans (now I'll reserve all thoughts on either of this at this time )  but this year I have a great group that just like whatever I like.  No true allegiance out there :)  Only 1 stands out and proudly wore purple today!  
I had to get a quick shot of her and I before classes began this morning. 

I'm sad I don't get to go down to Dallas for the game (like 15? something hrs by car??) and not flights locally because I live in the middle of no-man's-land however I will be cheering loud from my living room big screen!! 

Purple Pride, Mrs. Sebelius is Alum too, tear, we are at school today :O( 

Fight you K-State Wildcat's, Fight!! 


  1. I recently mentioned you in my blog I look forward to learning more about you

    1. Thanks !! I hope to get back into the habit... I took a long break :) I would love to figure out how to use google docs to pay it forward to all the people who share such amazing ideas. Mine aren't crafty like so many others but maybe someone would find them useful!