Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School!!

 The time has finally come! Folks I'm shouting from the roof tops.  This year has got me so excited.  I have a great group of students (I always do) but this group is what I'm going to call the "2nd round" meaning most of my kids are siblings of students I had roughly 4 years ago!  I feel lucky to have those parents as I feel they were very supportive before and will be again.  PLUS and handful of NEW families that I am blessed to meet and get to know! So without further ado I'd like to present the snapshoot of my classroom this school year for Open House night and beyond!
Welcome 4th GRADERS!!
Thank you Pintrest for this AMAZING idea!
Open House info/ Parent Night Flyer!

Classroom Library
Thanks parents for signing up!
Going to give Guided Reading a try, (I think?)

Back divider, can't wait to fill in Facebook with pictures of us!
And my desk that will NEVER be CLEAN again!

This year I am also excited to share the new ways I have set up communication in the room, all inspired by you much smarter than me bloggers and pinners out there!!  Our class QR code will lead you directly to this website for updates of classroom happenings AND Remind 101. This is a texting link that you can sign up for FOR FREE. If you do your regular text message fees WILL apply but in case I need to communicate a mass reminder like TEST or something I can send it to you all at one time! I hope you take a minute to check both of these things out!

ok..... so technology is great when it works I will repost tomorrow the QR code and Message info... they don't want to work tonight!

Welcome to the students and Parents to 4th Grade!! I hope to have a great year! See you at 4th Parent night on Tuesday!!!!

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