Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Key to a great relationship is communication! Every year our principal asks us for a couple goals we have for the new year.  Mine is always open, honest, respectful communication with the parents.  When I found these ideas on pintrest I was SOOOO excited to give them a try.  These posters were hanging up outside in the hall on Open House Night, and I will post them Tuesday at our Parent information night but here they are once again for those parents who are already following our class blog!  Hope to see ALL of you Tuesday night!  This teacher is VERY nervous about talking in front of all the parents!

Sometimes I may forget to put something in the newsletter so this will be very handy to text all the parents at once.  It works exactly like the bluejay texts you sign up for when we have calendar changes, early starts, snow days, etc!
This QR code requires a QR App from your IPad or Smartphone.  You can get great Free APPS just like me, PLUS they are super handy for magazines, grocery labels, clothing magazines and MUCH more!

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