Friday, October 5, 2012


Invitation to Edmodo - Hello Literacy Group

For those of you who are on Edmodo, or those of you not on Edmodo who want to join (it's free to join)...I have created a class group for the the students in my room this year. Within Edmodo, there are Groups and Communities. Groups are by invitation, for teachers and students whom you know or have a common interest and Communities are Edmodo members-at-large that have the Community interest in common but otherwise don't know each other.
Now you the parent has a chance to join and watch your children's creations and progress of technology/core projects throughout the year. 

The website for Edmodo is:
Once there click on "I am a Parent"  You will be asked to fill out a little bit of basic information that is private and I can not view. This includes the group code.  Each student has a seperate code from one another: Enter in the code that I gave your child. It is on a a label in their assignment book. 
Then, you're in and we're "connected"....see you there! If you're not sure about it, there is an introduction video at the Edmodo homepage that you can watch a very abbreviated nutshell, it's like Facebook (sort of) for education members, mostly teachers and students, but parents can join too, just to see their "own" child's activity, but cannot view the activity of anyone else besides their own child. 
Hope to see you on there!

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